A Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo ReMix collaboration
Director: Shael Riley
Co-Director: Malcos
Webmaster: Richter
Check it! Album art by Infinity's End:
Blood on the Asphalt is an OverClocked ReMix tribute album to the music of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, its contents comprised of new arrangements of old, familiar songs from the original game soundtrack, created by various artists, unified along the lines of genre and tone. The arrangements contained herein have been designed to be evocative of dark, pseudo-romanticized urban imagery: abandoned playgrounds and crowded street markets; back-alley block parties and hole-in-the-wall bar dives, scenes that are, I hope, befitting of a tribute to one of the most iconic games in arcade history. So sit back and download. I hope you dig it, and if you do, drop us a line. We'd be happy to hear from you.

If you are able, please use the torrent to get the music. Bandwidth is not free, and the more people using the torrent, the faster it goes for everyone. To learn more about torrents, visit OCR's torrent page.
Rock the Asphalt
Opening Demo
1:49; 0k
Prepare Yourself
Here Comes the New Challenger
1:15; 0k
Wallstreet Monster
3:52; 0k
I Don't Fight Boys
5:49; 0k
New Mexican Thunderbird
T. Hawk
4:16; 0k
Thank You, Dee Jay
Dee Jay
4:08; 0k
Tokyo Slapdown
by V
E. Honda
2:58; 0k
Reaching for Nirudha
3:35; 0k
Guile's Mile Long Dong
4:11; 0k
Communist Jungle
by nesper
4:36; 0k
Flying Heaven
Fei Long
3:08; 0k
Army Girl
4:29; 0k
Made in USA
4:37; 0k
R U Overdrive
4:08; 0k
Mercenary Boxing
4:31; 0k
Spittin' Narcissism
2:26; 0k
Urban Uppercut
6:16; 0k
Tribute to the Master
M. Bison
4:04; 0k
Murder Instinct
4:08; 0k
Home at Last
Dhalsim Ending
1:25; 0k
Blood on the Asphalt (Richter Mix)
Guile Ending¹
3:52; 0k
Blood on the Asphalt (Aetherius Mix)
Guile Ending²
5:16; 0k
Hi, Score!
Ranking Display
2:06; 0k
Ending Credits Mix
Staff Roll
2:51; 0k